BurlyCon is a volunteer-run organization! We have a variety of opportunities for those interested in contributing their skills to making this event an ongoing success.

Committee/Team Members: These Volunteers work year-round on specific projects in preparation for the Convention, and may continue their work during the Convention to ensure proper follow-through of goals. If you are interested in lending your talents to the year round operation of BurlyCon, please send an introductory e-mail with your resume to vol@burlycon.org. Depending on the needs of the Committee Teams, your inquiries will be submitted to appropriate Directors.

Burly Corp: Day of event volunteers, contribute their skills and expertise to one or more teams during the Convention in November. A limited number of work trade opportunities are available to volunteers who contribute 16+ hours during the Convention. Work trade is offered as a pay-what-you-can pass, and volunteers will sign up for specific time slots in the weeks leading up to the Con, allowing them some flexibility in their volunteer schedule.

All volunteer applications will be reviewed by the Director of Volunteers, who will make offers based on BurlyCon’s needs. There are a limited number of work trade opportunities available, and preference may be given to those with previous con or festival experience. As representatives of BurlyCon, volunteers are expected to uphold BurlyCon’s mission, vision, and values and policies. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these, and thank you for supporting BurlyCon!

Volunteer Recruitment Form

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