2020 Legend Guest of Honor

Coby Yee

China’s Most Daring Dancing Doll! Coby Yee mesmerized audiences with her exotic dances from the 1940s into the 1960s. She got her start in San Francisco's Chinatown nightclubs, then traveled the world. In 1962, her and her family took over Forbidden City and ran it until 1970. Coby is 93 years young and still performs with her partner Stephen to this day!

2020 Guests of Honor

The Maine Attraction

Guest of Honor

The Maine Attraction landed her first professional dance job as a teenager for MTV's Fight For Your Rights Campaign. Since then, she has performed alongside a number of greats including legends James Brown and Lionel Richie, pop sensations Jessica Simpson and Pharrell Williams, and burlesque divas Dita Von Tease and Gentry de Paris.

Her tenacious spirit has helped her become one of New York's most celebrated burlesque performers. A muse for numerous visual artists, she has collaborated with conceptual photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier and multimedia extraordinaire, Matthew Barney, the infamous DJ Tiesto and performed for exclusive fashion events hosted by icons Patricia Field and Marc Jacobs.

She’s a rising star in musical theater, television and film and will continue to grace any stage where she can let her creativity ride.

The Shanghai Pearl

Guest of Honor

Internationally celebrated burlesque performer The Shanghai Pearl is known for her extravagant costumes, conceptual acts, and pulchritudinous performances. As an events producer she has focused on bringing multi-disciplinary & inter-generational shows to a wide range of audiences. An instructor in drama and burlesque since 2006, she brings a deep love and knowledge of the craft to share with her students.

Currently based in Seattle, Washington Ms. Pearl travels widely to perform and teach. She has headlined as close to home as Portland, Oregon, and as far away as Paris, France. Learn more at

Invited Presenters

Moscato Extatique
Frankie Fictitious
Leyla Limelyte
Jeez Loueez
Christina Manuge
Lola Pistola

Accepted Presenters

Aleksandra Mistress of Fusion
Betsy Bottom Dollar
Bettie Beelzebub
Bianca Coal
Burlesque Hall of Fame
Champagne Splitz
Coco L'Amour
Coco Lectric
Coney Bow
Crocodile Lightning
Dahlia Dulce
Deanna Danger
Delta Rae Dixon
Eden Lost
Egypt Blaque Knyle
Foxy Tann
Frankie Fictitious
Gala Vega
Gigi Chaton
GiGi Holliday

Irish Lashes
Jacqueline Boxx
Jeez Loueez
Jo Weldon
Jonny Porkpie
Kitty KaPowww
Leyla Limelyte
Lola Coquette
Lola Pistola
Loosie FitzPanties
Mayo Lua de Frenchie
Minda Mae
Miss AuroraBoobRealis
Miss Mina Murray
Miss Savvy
Moscato Extatique
Mx. Pucks A'Plenty
Mystic O'Reilley
Nox Falls
Ophelia Flame
Ophelia Zayna Hart

Phaedra Black
Rebecca Mm Davis
Rebel Vitale
RiRi SynCyr
Robyn Swing
Rocket Queen
Rosey La Rouge
Rosie Bitts
Shan de Leers
Sherry Bomb
Shimmy LaRoux
Siomai Moore
Sparkle Plenty
Stormy Knight
Taryn Luce
The Jersey Cooch
Victoria Viking
Viola Vainglory
Vixen Valentine
Warren Woo

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