2019 Guests of Honor & Presenters


Tiffany Carter

Legend Guest of Honor

Miss Nude Universe 1975

Tiffany Carter began her burlesque career at the infamous Pink
Pussycat in Hollywood, California. An active in-demand entertainer with Sparky Blaine’s American Showgirl agency, Tiffany toured the U.S., Canada, and Japan from the late 1960s through the 1980s. Throughout her 20+ years in burlesque, she has been a muse to MIT-trained engineer-turned-burlesque costumer, Bobby Gersten, and performed alongside such legendary performers as Tempest Storm and Blaze Starr.


Alotta Boutté

Guest of Honor

Alotta Boutté is an international and life long
performer who is excited to return to BurlyCon!
After a nearly 2 year stint in Paris as a part of the
Mugler Follies, she returned to San Francisco the
cast of the world’s longest running musical revue,
Beach Blanket Babylon. She began tantalizing
burlesque audiences 15 years ago as a part of the
award winning, all-Black burlesque, troupe Harlem
Shake Burlesque. She is excited to share 30+year
of stage experience with you!

Invited Presenters

Red Rum
Foxy Tann
Waxie Moon
Lou Lou la Duchesse de Riere
Jezebel Express
Kristina Nekyia

Accepted Presenters

Amara Strutt
Arcadia Gayme
Aria Delanoche
Asteria Atombomb
Bebe Bardot
Bianca Coal
CeCe Quinns
Champagne Shock
Champagne Sparkles
Chaos X. Machina
Chicava HoneyChild
Coco Lectric
Coney Bow
Crystal Mischief
Dahlia Fatale
Danny Cavalier
Deeva Rose
Di’ Lovely
Dirty Pearl Wreckless
Dixie DeLish
Dustin Wax

Egypt Blaque Knyle
Elsa and Ernie Von Schmaltz
GiGi Holliday
Indigo Blue
Isaiah Esquire
Iva Handfull
Jet Noir
Jo Weldon
Johnny Nuriel
Jonny Porkpie
Layna D'Luna
Lillian Bustle
Maggie McMuffin
Mary Strawberry
Maxi Millions
Mayo Lua de Frenchie
Mimi maShuga
Miss Catwings
Miss Mina Murray
Mone’t Ha-Sidi

Nyp Leigh
Ophelia Flame
Ophelia Zayna Hart
Pedi Bourgeois
Portia Favro
Professor DR Schreiber
Rev. Legs Malone
Robyn Swing
Ruby Mimosa
Sailor St. Claire
Shan de Leers
Siomai Moore
Sizzle Dizzle
Sweet Dee
Sherry Bomb
Talloolah Love
Teasy Roosevelt
Tila Von Twirl
Vixen Valentine
Whisper De Corvo

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