BurlyCon 2020 Events

BurlyCon 2020 is a virtual event! We have lots of events planned for you, so take a look below for all our special events throughout the weekend. 

Note: all times are listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST)

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews are a hallmark experience of BurlyCon. They are an educational experience, designed to further the Burlesque artform by modeling performance critique in a professional format. They are intended to inspire growth, ingenuity, creativity, and excellence. They are meant to encourage keen observation, and honest critique within the context of community. We invite you to come cheer on performers of our community and engage in sharing your feedback to participants.

Peer Review Applications Close September 15.

Sunday, November 8th @ 6pm

& Sunday, November 15th @ 12pm


Nouveau Macabre: The Art Deco Halloween-inspired Meet & Greet/Lounge

Friday, November 13th @ 6pm

Calling all glamour ghouls, this year's meet & greet is sure to be wickedly delightful. Come in your finest vintage looks, Halloween costume or a clever combination! At nouveau macabre we will be continuing the most wonderful time of the year with everything Halloween-y with a dash of the vintage for something entirely new. This elegantly mellow atmosphere will focus on the spectacle of fashion and kindling connections for the jump-start of the weekend. There will be a few tricks and many treats!

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Saturday, November 14th @ 1pm


Futuristic Opulence Dance Party

Saturday, November 21st pm @ 6pm

The year is 2120, the world is a utopia of gold, champagne and glitter reminiscent of 200 years ago. We have remained resilient and elegant. Show case your futuristic vintage, post apocalyptic high fashion, and cyborg couture. All dimensions are washed with euphoric light and gold.

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