BurlyCon has a variety of services running throughout the day for you.


Make sure to save those clams for the Vendor Fair! We'll have vendors from all over the country selling their booty just so you can stay in style all weekend.


Location: St. Helen's Suite (3rd Floor of Hotel over the Elliott's)

Hours: Select hours Thursday thru Sunday

Note: Hospitality will be closed on Friday during the BurlyCon Commencement Ceremonies

Stop by the BurlyCon Cafeteria for some brain food and hydration- just what you need to get your study on! Located on the 3rd floor in the Residential wing (look for signs pointing you there!), Hospitality offers you a space where you can recharge, rest, and socialize in a low pressure way.

Complimentary PB&J, veggies, coffee from our Sponsor, and bottled water by +essentia will be available! In addition to these we have a selection of Dorm Room Essentials available for purchase at the BurlyCon Snack Bar! Bring cash for some grab-and-go ready-to-eat snacks, all $5 or less.

The BurlyBar

Location: St. Helen's Suite (3rd Floor of Hotel over the Elliott's)

Hours: Select Evening Hours Thursday-Sunday

The sun is down, and the party is just getting started! But before you hit up our extracurricular events, be sure swing by the Hospitality Suite and pre-funk at the BurlyBar! Our bartenders are serving up some specialty cocktails, as well as wine, beer, and some booze free bevs... and all drinks are $5 or less! BurlyBar sales directly benefit BurlyCon, so when you imbibe at the BurlyBar, you are supporting BurlyCon!

We will have specials from our Sponsors all weekend!

Cash and credit card accepted.

Note: All open food and beverages must be consumed in Hospitality, and alcohol is not permitted in the hallway or any other space in the hotel.

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