BurlyCon Peer Reviews

Applications will be accepted from July 15th-August 15th for the 2018 Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews are a priceless opportunity for selected individuals to exhibit their art and receive thoughtful feedback in a supportive and inspiring format.

Every performance is an artistic risk. We expose ourselves to the eyes and opinions of our audience every time we step foot on stage. Through Peer Reviews, BurlyCon endeavors to create a space where those risks can be managed. To that end, we have selected thoughtful and encouraging artists to serve as moderators for these sessions, and a professional stage manager will support each presentation. In addition we have invited a number of artists to serve as Invited Peers. These Peers will sit panel-style and provide expert feedback and critique to our Presenters.

Time permitting, our event Moderators will open the floor to BurlyCon attendees to share their own insights.  All BurlyCon attendees who desire can provide written notes of encouragement, questions, and insights to Presenters.  These notes will be gathered and made available to Presenters at the end of the weekend.

Aspiring Presenters are encouraged to treat submissions to BurlyCon Peer Reviews as they would standard festival submissions. Participants of Peer Reviews will be given 10 minutes to perform, recover, and receive feedback. Acts should be four minutes or fewer.  You will not be disqualified from being chosen by submitting a longer act, but we have limited time, and to get the most of your experience we encourage you to adhere to the suggested time limits.

Acts submitted for consideration to do not need to be “performance ready,” but the more prepared you are, the more effective the feedback of our Invited Peers and BurlyCon attendees will be.

Selections will be made by lottery with submitted acts sorted first into specific categories, such as classic burlesque, nerdlesque, and boylesque, with further considerations made for performers of color, assorted experience levels, and manifold body types and gender identities. This will help us ensure a diverse program and see that as much of the wondrous makeup of our Burlesque Community as possible is represented.

Along with the feedback from our panel, you will receive written feedback from the audience (your peers!).

2018 Schedule

THURSDAY – 10:00pm-11:30pm

Thursday’s Peer Review will be Moderated by Johnny Porkpie with Jo Weldon, Jet Noir, and Blanche Debris as panelists.

SATURDAY – 10:30pm-12:00am

Saturday’s Peer Review will be moderated by Coco Lectric with Coco Framboise, Tito Bonito, and Calamity Chang as panelists.

How it Works

Sign up by clicking the link below! We will be accepting sign-ups from July 15 through August 15. Participants are selected via a lottery system. We will contact everyone by August 31st via email.

You must be registered for BurlyCon to apply.

Click here to begin the Peer Review Lottery Applications open July 15th to August 15th

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