BurlyCon Peer Reviews

Applications will be accepted until August 31st for the 2020 Peer Reviews

Peer Reviews are a hallmark experience of BurlyCon...

They are a priceless opportunity for thoughtful feedback in a supportive and inspiring format.

Participants of Peer Reviews will be given 10 minutes to perform, recover, and receive feedback. We encourage participants to limit their act length to 4 minutes, as to provide ample time for feedback. You will not be disqualified for having a longer act, but you will not receive extra time for feedback if you do.

You will receive written and verbal feedback from a panel of experienced performers, and other professionals. You  will also receive notecards from the audience, may also receive verbal feedback from a select number of audience members (your peers!).

The Peer Reviews will be held on the evenings of Thursday, November 5 and Saturday, November 7.

Peer Review applications will be open from August 1 to midnight on August 31.

If you have any questions, please email peerreviews@burlycon.org.

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