Master Class Track


If you are a seasoned burlesque professional looking for more of a challenge this year at BurlyCon, we’ve developed a new class series just for you – The Master Class track. BurlyCon curated a series of master-level classes, and will offer act scene studies, for the most advanced artists in our industry. To join the Master Class track, BurlyCon will look to you to tell us what makes you a seasoned burlesque professional via online application. The application includes Master class and presenter details.

Classes range from stage work, to advanced production, to movement and more! Also part of the Master Class Track is a special performance based opportunity, the Scene Study element. Similar to a Peer Review, you have the opportunity to present an act to a small group of your Master Class peers. You will receive feedback and participate in a round table discussion of your act. You will then have the opportunity to take all the feedback received, develop your act and present it a second time to your peers. This is a fantastic opportunity to really take your act to the next level!

Stay tuned because we'll be rolling out a new and improved MASTER CLASS track for BurlyCon 2022.

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