BurlyCon is Going Virtual


BurlyCon2020 is going to look and feel a little a lot different than previous years. We’re actively working with our host hotel, Hilton Seatac, to allow for cancellation our in-person contract, since Washington State still will not allow large groups to safely meet in person and the coronavirus is still very active. Negotiations have been long and difficult, which is the reason we’ve been reluctant to provide an update – we don’t have all the answers yet.

But we do have some of the answers and we want to dig deep into Virtual BurlyCon2020!

What does a virtual BurlyCon look like?

This year, virtual, live stream BurlyCon is two weeks long – From November 8th through November 21st. Instead of four jam-packed days where you can only take one class at a time and try to make it to all the events, BurlyCon, and our presenters, are offering two full weeks of live stream classes, events and peer reviews!

But wait, there’s more! You know how there are ALWAYS two classes you want to take that are offered at the EXACT same time? That won’t happen at Virtual BurlyCon. If you miss the live session just catch the recorded version!

We know Zoom fatigue is real, so pre-recorded BurlyCon 2020 classes will be available to attendees through December 31st! Potentially, attendees can take 100+ classes over almost two months, while the most classes an attendee can take in-person is about 16.
That’s two weeks of live stream classes and almost 6 weeks of pre-recorded BurlyCon classes that you can access anytime, anywhere!

We’re working hard on creating a virtual schedule, and will let you know when you can begin planning your Virtual BurlyCon experience. We’ll label any live stream class that won’t be archived so you can plan your Virtual BurlyCon accordingly. Each live stream class and event will vary by time of day, so attendees from around the WORLD will also have a chance to experience Virtual BurlyCon.

But programming isn’t the only thing getting a makeover this year. The events team is working to bring you thoughtful, virtual events that will help you connect with other BurlyCon 2020 attendees. The events team is HARD at work rolling out a virtual events schedule right now and I don’t want to give too many spoilers away but just know that there will be virtual events that have NEVER happened at a LIVE BurlyCon before.

Expect that announcement soon.

BurlyCon 2020 passes will stay at $225 to access all of the virtual classes, events, and pre-recorded content from November 7 – December 31st. This year we’ll also have an a la carte menu. That’s right you’ll be able to pay for individual classes or events. Passes will be sold until Friday, November 6 and after that it’s all a la carte.

New for 2020 is BurlyCon a la carte!

You’ll be able to pay for individual (virtual) classes or events. Only have bandwidth for 1 class? No problem! Maybe a class and an event? No sweat!

Passes will be sold until Friday, November 6 for BurlyCon unlimited and after that it’s all a la carte.

Whew, that was a lot! We’re looking forward to bringing you a virtual BurlyCon that understands zoom fatigue realness, a BurlyCon experience that wants to provide space for you to meet other BurlyCon attendees, and BurlyCon classes to enrich your body, mind, and soul.

So stay tuned for the next virtual BurlyCon 2020 update when we reveal just exactly what the events team is cooking up for you!

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