Virtual BurlyPOD July 25


Join us for our second virtual BurlyPOD! NOTE: all times posted will be in Pacific Standard Time (PST).


10:00 AM – 11:30 AM – Class Block 1

  • Microaggressions and Becoming an Active Bystander presented by Bea Lissima (90 min)
  • Healing Light presented by Perle Noire (90 min)

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM – Class Block 2

  • Twerk & Jerk: Booty Intensive Twerkshop with Jeez Loueez (Advanced) (90 min)
  • Pop-it-in-Pumps with Isaiah Esquire (ALL LEVELS) (90 min)
  • Uses of the Erotic: Burlesque as Power presented by Po’Chop (90 min)

2:00 PM – Virtual Dance Party – The Quarantina: Digital Heatwave with Seraphina Wilder

Class Descriptions:

Healing Light presented by Perle Noire

Healing Light is an online workshop hosted by Perle Noire to focus on the importance of healing work and self-love during the current climate. Participants will focus on breathwork, guided meditation, connection exercises, affirmations, journaling, healing rituals, and burlesque-inspired movement to help you reclaim your power and recharge. Participants should bring a journal, a pen, a blanket, pillow(s), water, chocolate, and candles if possible.

Message from Perle Noire:

Your relationship with your reflection is the most critical connection in your life. It will set the tone for your business, family, and intimate relationships. You cannot hold anyone to a higher standard than you keep for yourself when your self-worth is at stake. Until you fall in love with yourself, chances are you’ll search for surrogates to fill any voids or to validate your existence. Your relationship with your reflection will become the blueprint for all connections to follow.

My sessions are meant to be apart of your spiritual and self-love practice. I highly recommend combining my healing sessions with traditional or holistic therapy. Please note that my sessions are intuitive, and I will let the spirit of the group guide me as I focus on one or all of the offerings listed above.

Microaggressions and Becoming an Active Bystander presented by Bea Lissima 

Bea Lissima (she/her) will explain racial microagressions from her perspective as a Queer woman of colour. This session is based on her own experiences, where she will explain the three types of microaggressions and how to become a better ally when witnessing them. 

Bea Lissima (she/her) is a queer Filipinx performer, producer, and educator based in Treaty 7 land, colonially known as Calgary, Alberta. She has been performing in the burlesque community for 14 years and is a member of Cabaret Calgary, a local production company. She holds a BA in communications and a BEd in inclusive education; she continues to work towards living and practicing anti-oppression and being trauma-informed.

Twerk & Jerk: Booty Intensive Twerkshop with Jeez Loueez (Advanced)

The class that has everyone ready to pop, wobble, werk, and wine! This high-energy choreography intensive is not for the faint of heart. Fusing the sensuality of burlesque with the sharp attitude of hip hop, this class will focus on isolations, footwork, and of course THE BOOTY! Class begins with a warm up and moves into a combination of popping your favorite asset. Learn coveted moves like the Booty Chaser! Drop it like it’s hot and pick it back up again. Wear comfortable, form-fitting clothing in which you can easily move. Booty shorts and knee pads recommended. 

Pop-it-in-Pumps with Isaiah Esquire (ALL LEVELS)

Features Isaiah’s prowess as a stage performer, Mentor, and motivator. Dancing in heels as well as the art of booty manipulation our specialty skills he has been teaching for over nine years to all genders and the genderless alike. Students will receive not only Training in the aforementioned skills  but also the tools needed to feel powerful, sexy and confident in their own special way. This Class will center on choreography so be prepared to move!

  • Booty Warm up
  • Stretch & Conditioning
  • Balance & Weight distribution
  • Walking in Heels
  • Character
  • Choreo

Uses of the Erotic: Burlesque as Power presented by Po’Chop

Uses of the Erotic: Burlesque as Power is a movement-based workshop exploring movement that awakens one’s erotic, a sense of deep satisfaction. Beyond the exploration of movement, Audre Lorde’s essay “Uses of the Erotic: The Erotic as Power” serves as a guiding text for a brief class reading and reflection. This class will begin with a brief reading and journal exercise before transitioning into a warm-up and a choreographed combination. 

Uses of the Erotic: Burlesque as Power welcomes all while centering black queer bodies. This space aims to be conducive to exploration, play, and expansive notions of self-love, joy, pleasure, and confidence. Emotions may come up during the workshops and folks are encouraged to process their feelings as needed as long as it does not impair the safety and experience of others. 

Please bring a journal and wear comfortable clothes to move in.

The Quarantina: Digital Heatwave presented by Seraphina Wilder

Let’s dance the night (Day? Afternoon? What time is it?) away at The Quarantina for Digital Heatwave! Seraphina Wilder’s Djing BurlyCon’s July Virtual BurlyPod dance party and she requested we should dress for a digital heatwave. See everyone on the virtual dance floor!

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