Message from Executive Director Lola Love


Aloha Friends!

I have been having a hard time finding the words to write this. Like all of you during this unprecedented time, some days are easy and some days are hard. We are all in the midst of something we’ve never experienced and it’s challenging. Here are my top 10 things coping methods for the sh*tshow that is 2020.

  1. Putting on a cute outfit. I won’t lie, most days I’m in pajamas but, if I’m feeling down I put on a cute outfit which surprisingly helps.
  2. Walks. These help anytime but it’s especially fun walking around in the cute outfit. Especially if it’s an over the top lewk.
  3. Chatting with friends. I love the Houseparty app but I’m also using Zoom, FaceTime and you know what I recently discovered? Phones make actual calls.
  4. Crafting. I’ve been painting and doing random DIY projects. Most of them suck but who cares?! Making art is super fun and calming.
    Spontaneous dance parties with my dog. I always dance at 120% and when I’m done I feel much happier and so does my dog.
  5. Do something nice for someone else. Go to the grocery store for a friend who is immune compromised, tip a performer if you can, foster an animal in need.
  6. Snacks. ‘Nuff said.
  7. Listening to my favorite podcasts. Some of my favorites are Reveal, Why Won’t You Date Me, Hidden Brain, The Read and Pod Save America.
  8. Essential oils and incense. My house smells very sexy these days.
  9. Meditating. Before I started meditating I thought it was hard but for those who don’t do it, I promise, it’s not! I have a hard time stopping my brain so I give it a job when I meditate by counting the length of my breaths. I start by counting to 3 so each breath in and out lasts 3 seconds. Then I move to 4. Counting breaths forces my brain to stop thinking of anything else. Once I get to a certain level of relaxation I don’t focus on counting breathe and can just sit. But it usually takes me 3-4 minutes to get to that point.

Remember, there are so many ways people are experiencing life right now. Essential workers, thank you for being brave and serving our communities. Those at home, this is a reminder that you are allowed to be as productive or unproductive as you want. Remember to be kind to yourself. Give yourself permission to have all of the feelings and please, remember that this is going to pass. None of us knows what is going to happen and while it’s uncomfortable, it’s forcing me to stay very present, or daydream about what I’m doing once this is over – like in November, at BurlyCon, dancing together with all of you and talking about the fun classes we took earlier in the day!

I’m sending each of you love, calm energy and strength. We may be holding for ten, but the show WILL go on.

Love & Pasties,

Lola Love Executive Director

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