Presenter Proposal Checklist


This is a checklist of all information you need to provide in the presenter class proposal.

If you’d like more detail or explanation of items in the application, please refer to our Step-by-Step Guide.

  1. Your contact information
  2. Your website and social media handles (if applicable)
  3. Days available to teach at BurlyCon (All days, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun)
  4. Presenter bio: 500 characters (full bio) – Bio should not begin with your name
  5. Presenter bio: 280 characters (abbreviated bio)
  6. Hi-res photo
  7. Lo-res square photo
  8. Interest in being a panel moderator, panelist, or caucus lead
  9. Class type: Class, BurlyLab, Paper presentation
  10. Your paper in .PDF format (if applicable)
  11. Class title: 50 characters
  12. Class title: If you have dirty, dirty words in your class title, please create a hotel family-friendly version for electronic schedule boards, 50 characters
  13. Class description: 600 characters – Description should not begin with the class title
  14. Class track: Community, Glamour, Mind/Body, Movement/On-Stage, Production/Business, History
  15. Approximately how many times have you taught this class?
  16. Where have you taught the class: Name some cities/venues you’ve taught your class at, if applicable
  17. Have you taught at BurlyCon before?
  18. Student level: Any, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Master – Please think this through and refer to the Step-by-Step Guide for further explanation of each level
  19. Master Class Credentials: Why are you qualified to teach a Master Level class? List your credentials on the subject. 
  20. Lesson Plan: How you’ll teach the class
  21. Class objectives – what is your intent as a teacher (140 characters or less)
  22. Syllabus (optional)
  23. Class size preferred
  24. Class duration: 55 or 85 minutes (if your class length is between these times or is a BurlyLab, choose 85 mins)
  25. Prep time needed in room before class begins
  26. This class mainly includes: Lecture, movement, crafting, demonstration, etc.
  27. This class involves: Walking, standing (for over 20 mins), movement, floor work, etc.
  28. Class accommodations for folks with mobility restrictions
  29. Classroom layouts (see Proposal Form or Guide)
  30. Movement classroom sound levels 
  31. Movement classroom ceiling height 
  32. Equipment needed (see Proposal Form or Guide)
  33. If using a computer device, what operating system you’ll use (Mac, PC, Linux)
  34. For general classes, what materials or supplies should students bring (If BurlyLab, enter this info in relevant questions later in form)
  35. Additional class info students and/or BurlyCon should know about (see Guide for examples)

If you are NOT submitting a BurlyLab class, you can skip to the end!

  1. BurlyLabs
    1. Supplies – determine if you provide or if students provide
    2. Cost of supplies if students pay instructor for supplies in class
    3. Detailed supply list for students if they need to purchase supplies
    4. Class size
    5. Class duration
    6. Additional classroom needs (see Guide for examples)
  2. Click the Submit button, you’re done!

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