Want to Teach at BurlyCon? Check Out This List of Class Requests


Class applications are open and now is the time when burlesque educators from around the globe submit their classes to be considered to present at BurlyCon. The applications and talent is overwhelming; and while we’d love to include everyone, there just isn’t enough hours in a day to fit every class in. 

So if you’re sitting there thinking about what to teach this year have we got news for you! We compiled a list of classes that were requested from BurlyCon 2018 and 2019! 

If something sparks that perfect idea for what you should teach, head over to the application page and fill out the form by March 15th, 2020. Apply to teach today!


  • Stocking removal
  • Empowerment dance flows with different types of music
  • Choreo
  • Improv
  • Chair
  • Gentle movement classes especially for people with fragile bodies
  • Movement classes for mobility-impaired performers
  • More stripper-led/stripper-inspired classes
  • More dance classes
  • Less dance-centered and more stage presence/mind-setting
  • Hosting and emcee
  • Drag
  • Clown
  • Intro to fire arts
  • Hoop for curvy bodies
  • Beginning hoop class
  • Advanced movement
  • Different genres of dance
  • Advanced fan dancing
  • Fan dancing
  • Aerial classes
  • Movement across the gender binary
  • Stage presence
  • Boa work
  • Emcee
  • Advanced dance classes that focus on drilling and fitness vs learning choreography
  • Stocking peels
  • Intermediate movement
  • Intermediate fan dancing
  • Acting-based classes
  • Twerking
  • Political burlesque
  • High heel bootcamp
  • Fosse combinations
  • Corset work
  • Glove peels


  • Wardrobe and how to use it 
  • How to respect costuming on stage and not rip or trip on it
  • More costuming creations/conversations
  • Innovative costuming
  • Working with unconventional materials
  • Gender inclusive costuming
  • More sewing classes
  • Advanced sewing classes, ex: lines of fitting, structure or tailoring. Ex: joys and pitfalls of interfacing
  • Advanced costuming classes
  • Advanced undergarments
  • Pattern alterations
  • More “from scratch” classes vs “make it work” classes
  • Advanced panty patterning: different shapes and sizes of panties for different shapes and sizes of bodies
  • Adjusting for negative ease
  • How to translate body measurements into elastic strap lengths
  • Bodysuit patterning
  • Translating body measurements into leotards and catsuits
  • Patterning for a range of bodies that’s not your own


  • Makeup application in 20 minutes or less
  • Makeup technique
  • Makeup application
  • Wigs, wigs, wigs
  • Contouring across gender
  • Vintage hair
  • Vintage makeup


  • More classes for producers
  • Producers workshop
  • More producing classes
  • Production basics – working with performers, show formatting
  • Back-office 
  • Performer/producer contracts
  • Business budgeting/taxes
  • Nonprofit fundraising
  • Posters and handbills do’s and don’ts
  • Tagline brainstorming
  • How to gain sponsors
  • Behind-the-scenes production
  • How to produce month shows (streamline, how are they different than one-off shows)


  • How to promote burlesque as a whole
  • How to reach non-burlesque audiences and get out of the rut of marketing to people already in the know
  • Curating an audience in small cities


  • Classes on how individuals have toured in group settings and solo
  • Traveling/working internationally
  • Touring shows


  • More consent-focused classes and practices
  • More self-care, spiritual
  • More about self-love in all its forms
  • Actual workshops of activities to help with seemingly prevalent anxieties, like from team-building retreats
  • Morning workouts like pilates, yoga, etc to wake the body up
  • More woo classes
  • Mental health issues and being a part of burlesque
  • Surviving being an introvert in an extrovert art form


  • Building/constructing headpieces
  • Learn a small-business and/or self-employed bookkeeping app
  • Beading and prongset
  • Shibari

Masters Classes

  • How to brand yourself as a headliner
  • Critical act feedback


  • History of different genres of burlesque
  • POC burlesque history
  • Academic aspects of burlesque

Mixed Bag

  • Different prep classes
  • Different genre of classes – nerdlesque, movement, and costuming
  • Post-con follow-up workshops
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Roundtable or panel on phenomenal acts and what makes them so
  • Performance group organization
  • Stage managing for stage kittens
  • Cross-disciplinary classes that incorporate formal training in some non-burlesque art form
  • Classic burlesque art form but new and innovative ways to make it more unique
  • Behind-the-scenes burlesque organization – how do you store and organize costumes, for example.
  • How do you find all the pieces for a costume when packing?
  • Plus-sized body classes
  • More advanced-focused classes
  • More intermediate-focused classes
  • More beginner-focused classes
  • Practicing – best use of time in a studio, methods if studio isn’t available
  • Building a burlesque community in a small city
  • Facilitating conversations on body dysmorphia with audience members, students, troupe members, everyone.
  • More classes for teachers
  • Class for teachers about adapting for students with various mobility levels
  • Teacher understudy program, where new teachers or someone who has a skill to teach, learns how to teach under a current well-versed teacher

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