Write a Stellar Class Proposal


By Sailor St. Claire; with updated 2020 dates from Shy Twilight

BurlyCon is about to open the floodgates for class submissions for our 2020 convention, and we’ve put together this short how-to guide to help you write the best class proposal possible. Not only do your descriptions of your classes factor into our decision-making process, but they are also how you market your class to potential students at BurlyCon!

So what should you include?

First of all, include the learning goals of the class. We at BurlyCon want to know what you expect students to learn. If the goal is for them to learn a routine you’ve choreographed, rhinestone application techniques for different fabric types, or fancy fan dance moves, say so. Being clear about your class goal helps us see how it best fits into BurlyCon’s programming – we want to make sure we’re including diverse programming options and approaching our beloved art form from a variety of perspectives. We can’t accept 4 stocking peel classes that are identical, but we can accept a stocking embellishment craft class, a stocking peel technique class, a stocking choreography class, and a lecture on the history of stockings in burlesque. Stating the learning goals of your classes really wows the programming team – and your potential students!

Second, make sure the goals of your class can all be achieved in 60 or 90 minutes! It’s best to cover fewer topics more in depth than to give a shallow overview. Planning just a few ways to meet the learning goals of the class provides a better experience for both instructors and students.

Finally, tell us (and your future students) what’s expected of them. Should they wear movement clothes? Bring yoga mats? Provide their own materials? It’s also helpful to set the expectation for the type of class you’ll be teaching. If it’s a lecture, say so! If you’re working with movement, let us know! Students at BurlyCon often plan their days around blocks of movement classes and craft classes, interspersed with lectures where they can simply sit back and listen. Be clear in your class proposals exactly what you want students to bring to the class – and what type of class you’ll be bringing to them — so everyone can feel prepared to learn.

Presenter Class Proposal Submission Forms open 2/15/20 and will close 3/15/20. We can’t wait to read yours!

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