What To Pack for BurlyCon


Tickets are purchased. Flights are booked. You’ve obsessed over this years curriculum and you’ve somehow mapped out a balanced schedule all while avoiding glitter burnout. (FOMO is a very real thing, my friends. Don’t overdo it).

So now that you’ve got that out of the way, it’s time to start thinking about what to pack. 

BurlyCon is a weekend off from show mode, so wear what makes you feel comfortable and for many of us that means yoga pants. Trust us when we say, there is no shame in the athleisure wear game! 

Can’t resist the sparkle and glam? Fear not, there will be opportunities to dress up for our special events, however, even that is optional. Be sure to leave space in your suitcase for a few glamorous items that you can pick up at BurlyCon Bazaar. 

What to Pack

– Comfortable clothing – think yoga pants, jeans & t-shirts, whatever you normally wear off stage!

– Comfortable shoes. Sandals and flip flops are fine inside but remember it does get wet and cold when you’re walking between buildings outside.

– Warmer layers: hat, jacket, and an umbrella or raincoat. Seattle in November is going to be cold and rainy! The convention hall (where a bulk of the classes/events are held) and main hotel building (hotel rooms & hospitality) are connected by a covered, but open, walkway so you will not be indoors at all times. And if you plan on exploring Seattle you’ll definitely want warm layers and rain protection.

– Dancewear (leggings, legwarmers, tank tops, etc)

– Character shoes/practice dance heels

– Swimsuit (hot tub time at the hotel) 

– A robe (to wear over revealing outfits in public hotel spaces)

– Water bottle

– Your favorite snacks 

– A crafting or costume project you want advice on

– Fans/Boas/Gloves/Stockings (if you are taking a class with these items)

– Pasties (if you want to learn to twirl)

– Hair accessories (if you are taking a hair class)

– Wig (if you are taking a wig class)

– Make-up (for make-up classes and events)

– Notebook and pen (or technological equivalent)

– Camera (or smartphone) so you can #BurlyConXII all over Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

And of course, double-check your planned classes and BurlyLabs to ensure you have everything you may need. If you haven’t already started planning which classes you want to attend, visit our Schedule page and start planning!

Special Events

BurlyCon always has a variety of events in the evening after classes and dinner. These events are included with your ticket and each follow a special theme. Some events are high energy while others are low-key. There’s something for everyone! 

This year’s theme is Under the Big Top! Think acrobats, ringmasters, lion tamers, fortune tellers and clowns. The circus theme is meant to create a fun addition to the planned events with games and costumes, however, it does bring up genuine concerns over Coulrophobia (aka the fear of clowns). Bazuka Joe, along with the help of memebers in the community, put together a guide for Managing Coulrophobia for Clowns and Non-Clowns. Check it out here in preparation for this yeras BurlyCon. 

Remember you do not have to dress up for anything! But if you choose to go in theme check out this full list of events and suggested attire: Event Page.

Particulars for the Special Events

Thursday Night: Vintage Circus Meet and Greet

Friday Night: Class Photo!

The class of 2019 BurlyCon photo will be taken *right before the dance* – So come dressed in your carnivale costume!

Friday Night: Circo-A-GoGo – A Modern Carnivale: Dance Party & Funhouse Game Room

Saturday: Down & Dirty Adult Storytime

Need a little inspiration in finding the perfect circus look? Get inspired!

Networking & Buying!

– Business Cards or Flyers for you and/or your troupe or show. Now is the time to network!

– CASH for the Vending Area – you will want everything! Many vendors also accept CC and there is an ATM on-site, however, cash is always reliable and easier to budget.

And if you’d like more tips on preparing for your first BurlyCon check out these other blog posts: Classes, Explore Seattle, First Timer at the Con.

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