Explore Seattle While at BurlyCon


So, it’s your first time in Seattle? 

First thing’s first, the rumors are true. It does rain here…a lot! If you want to fit in like a true Seattle-ite, leave your umbrella at home and pack a jacket with a hood instead. But even if you don’t go the raincoat route, make sure you’re ready for the grey, rainy days. This means packing good shoes too. Even though the days are cold, rainy and grey, there’s always time to get in the hot tub at the end of the day, so don’t forget your swimsuit! 

Speaking of rain, make sure to bring warm clothes. Sure, we’ll be toasty in the hotel (except when walking from the hotel to the convention space) but once you venture outside of the building, it’ll be chilly. Dust off your rain boots and pack your gloves, scarves, hats, and layers. And if you plan on donning a frisky, revealing outfit, be sure to bring a nice wrap or robe to wear in public areas when going in between hotel buildings. 

  • Travel Around Seattle

Prefer to strut downtown? It’s easy to get there from the airport via the Light Rail which will set you back a few dollars each way. The Light Rail stop is directly across the street from the hotel. Make sure to check the schedule and plan appropriately if you’re staying out late. 

Some of the stops and points of interest along the rail line are:

International District/Chinatown Station

Some fun attractions at this stop: Seattle Pinball Museum, Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, Hing Hay Park. Not to mention all of the AMAZING food that you can find in the International District plus a Dasio and the Uwajimaya.

Pioneer Square Station

Perfect for the history buff; you’ll find: Smith Tower, Underground Tour, Waterfall Garden Park, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park near this stop.

University Street Station

Like art? Then don’t miss the Seattle Art Museum! The current exhibit is Flesh and Blood: Italian Masterpieces from the Capodimonte Museum.

Westlake Center

This has some of the most iconic Seattle spots, including Westlake Park, Pike Place Market, the infamously gross but intriguing Gum Wall, Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle waterfront, and the Great Wheel. Go for a boat ride around The Puget Sound and enjoy a sunset if you have time! There’s nothing quite like a Seattle sunset against the mountains. 

Get more info on the Light Rail HERE.

  • Eat like a Seattle-ite

If you’d like to try a few local favorites there are a couple of things that I recommend:

Salmon. While we are out of peak salmon season, Seattle is known for the different types of Salmon that you can find here; Chinook or King, Coho, or Sockeye. If you are looking to splurge try cedar plank salmon where the salmon is smoked on a cedar plank.

Geoduck clam – Ah, the geoduck. It’s a delightfully phallic-looking clam that is found in Puget Sound. If you’re feeling brave give it a try while you are here!

Tarter sauce is our condiment of choice and it’s even more likely that we’ll order tarter sauce to dip our fries into than anything else.

You’ll also find an amazing variety of Asian food. From Dim Sum to Pho. Korean, Chinese, Thai, or Japanese–the influence from these cultures are intertwined into the Seattle experience. The International District is one place to find a variety of these foods in one walkable area.

Seattle is especially friendly to gluten-free, vegetarians, and vegans. Restaurants typically have options on the menu to accommodate different diets as well as restaurants dedicated to plant-based diets.

  • Near the Hotel

We haven’t vetted all these places, but many are within walking distance or a cheap Lyft ride away. As always, be safe about walking alone and make sure if you take a Lyft or Uber you account plenty of time–traffic can make seemingly short trips take forever. Google Maps is very accurate and if you sign up for the free Hilton Honors you can get free wifi within your room. Even if you’re from out of the country and have no data, you can still access the wifi to search options. Plus Google Maps will let you download and save maps making getting around much easier even without data.


Plenty of options within a 15 min walk including:

13 Coins – Open 24hrs!

Mango Thai Cuisine & Bar  – Several other restaurants are in the same spot

Gregory’s Bar & Grill – Typical eats but they also do karaoke

Groceries & Such:

Safeway on S 164th St – 5 min by car

Trader Joes on 1st Ave S – 10 min by car

CVS on Strander Blvd – 10 min by car

7-Eleven – 5 min walk behind the hotel


We suggest having some cash on you as some vendors prefer it and it makes sticking to a budget easier.

Chase Bank – 13 min walk

Bank of America – 15 min walk

U.S. Bank – inside Airport

You’ll also find Wells Fargo, Umpqua, and Key Bank branches as well as Citibank ATMs throughout Seattle.

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas on how to spend your vacation. Seattle is a great city as long as you’re prepared for the weather and don’t mind plenty of walking. Of course, you’ll be busy at the convention, but depending on your schedule you may have time to duck into the city after classes and before the evening festivities or simply book an extra day or two to see some sights! And as always, you can ask locals about things to do in the BurlyCon Message Board on Facebook!

And if you’d like more tips on preparing for your first BurlyCon check out these other blog posts: Classes, What to Pack, First Timer at the Con.

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