Making Friends Before BurlyCon

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by Lady Lily La Douce

You’ve registered for BurlyCon and soon the adventure begins! Planning your flight, deciding what to pack, and figuring out where to hang your hat are all on your very important to-do list. But wait! “Who am I going to buddy up with?” you ask yourself.

Nervous about making friends before BurlyCon? 

Don’t be. Friends will always be waiting for you at BurlyCon. We’re all at a burlesque convention, we obviously have things in common. 

But what about before BurlyCon?

There are definitely opportunities before BurlyCon in November to get out there and meet people, take them! We want to meet you too! Here are few helpful tips to get you started. 

Join all the social forums. 

Social media can be fun. It’s a good idea to “like” and turn on all notifications for BurlyCon Facebook pages. RSVP to all of the events and share that you’re going to BurlyCon! Follow BurlyCon on InstagramTwitter, and Pinterest too. And the BurlyCon website is absolutely the “mother ship” of most, if not all the FAQ’s

Post in the public forum.

Looking for a roommate? Do you have questions about what to pack, making a hotel reservation, or check in? 

“How do I get there from the airport?”

“Where can I get…x, y, or z?”

All very valid questions.  Maybe there’s a fellow BurlyCon attendee out there who is possibly nervous to ask all these questions. There could be a potential friend who has the answer and is eager to share info.

If you have a question, please ask. I know, I know…easier said than done, right? But what happens if you just ask for what you want?…you might just get it and make a friend in the process.

Do you attend BHOF? Or any other fun and fabulous burlesque festival? Bring up the fact that you’re attending BurlyCon or a festival in the future and are looking for a roommate or a morning yoga buddy.

The most important thing is to make yourself available and put yourself out there.

Start a group, join a club, or arrange a roommate goodie exchange. 

At my first BurlyCon (last year), I absolutely had new roommates that I’d never met in person. So, I brought them a little “Aloha” before I arrived in the form of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. 

I’m sure any treats from any corner of the world would be welcome and an easy way to break the ice.

Friends of friends are an amazing way to expand your friendship circle. Ask your friends to introduce you to their friends, and watch your friendship circle grow! “Meet new friends but keep the old, one is sliver and the others gold”.


Sign up to volunteer at BurlyCon and have fellow volunteers waiting to kiki with you! Start a volunteer forum or join the volunteer groups. Everyone has strengths and talents that can be applied to multitude of jobs. Volunteering is a wonderful way to meet new friends. Your valuable volunteer efforts go toward helping a worthy cause, and you have the ability to talk with people in a low-key manner. Volunteering at BurlyCon sets the stage for getting to know someone more easily.

These are just a few ways you can make friends before BurlyCon. I hope to see you there!

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