2019 BHoF Finishing School Classes


For the 12th blockbuster year, the Burlesque Hall of Fame Finishing School offers rare, hands-on workshops with “Living Legends” of the art of Burlesque. Each of these instructors has her or his own unique perspective on the art, and shares directly from her or his own experience.

Classes focus on lifestyle, skills, and history. These classes are a fantastic opportunity to receive information passed on directly from one of our most finite resources: the performers of yesteryear.

All Classes are taught June 7 & 8, 2019 in Esplanade J at the Orleans Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV. They are held in conjunction with the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender, which takes place June 6-9.

Legends Classes

FRIDAY, June 7, 2019 & SATURDAY, June 8, 2019

WHERE: Esplenade J

The Stocking Peel with Lovey Goldmine

Workshop World Debut!

Friday, 10:30-11:30 am Room: Esplanade J

Ticket Info: $45

Lovey will guide students through choosing the perfect stockings, positioning on a chair for the optimal peel, techniques of smooth stocking removal, and style. She’ll address how to establish romance and sensuality, as well as how to connect to the audience with directness and passion, and how to showcase agility. Students will have an opportunity to ask questions about specific techniques and follow her as they try her modes and moves. Designed for performers, but beginners and observers are welcome!

Bring a pair of stretch non-textured stockings and a pair of shoes that you can remove without buckles. Arrive prepared to start, preferably in shorts or leotards so you can use the stockings.

Lovey began her career at age 17 as a singer with The Scatman Corothers Trio. By age twenty one she was hired by Chuck Landes, of the famous Hollywood Largo, as a featured exotic dancer and mistress of ceremonies. She immediately became known for her love of musical theater and her focus on dance with storylines. Lovey traveled to Paris, France where she performed in “The Crazy Horse Saloon” for Alain Bernardin and later joined a ballet from Paris to do a world tour. Upon returning to the states, she took a job as lead dancer and line captain at The World Famous Losers Niteclub and later moved to Las Vegas where she performed at the Cabaret Burlesque Palace. She appeared repeatedly on The Merv Griffin Show while the show filmed at Caesar’s Palace. Lovey was inducted into The Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2014 and currently travels to appear in Burlesque Festivals nationwide.

Tina Pratt: Legendary Life Story and Discussion

Friday, 11:45 am-12:45 pm | Room: Esplanade J

 Ticket Info: $45

Join Tina Pratt for an in-depth discussion of her life and experiences as an African American Burlesque star. Performing throughout the 1950s and into the 1970s, Tina worked within the segregated “Chitlin’” circuits across the United States and Canada and toured through Amsterdam, Germany, and Switzerland. Despite experiencing discrimination and prejudice, Tina pursued her love of burlesque and had an expansive tap dance career – including her Broadway debut at age 53! Tina will share her incredible stories as well as open up the room for questions. She looks forward to meeting new performers and discovering their shared histories.

Born in 1935 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Tina Pratt began her dance career as the first African American student at the Mamie Barth Dance Academy at the age of 6. Entering the burlesque scene in the 1950s, Tina pursued the art form into the early 1970s. She danced in the segregated clubs of Cleveland, Detroit, Buffalo, Boston, Baltimore and even as far as Great Falls, Montana. She also performed internationally with guest spots in Montreal, Amsterdam, Germany, and Switzerland. During that time Tina co-founded the Show Biz Association of Producers in Boston, and also founded the Fou-Chee Dancers, an Afro-Cuban dance team. Tina still has a great passion for burlesque and especially its unique, complex history with performers of color. Tina is based in Bronx, NY.

Burlesque on the Wild Side with Camille 2000

Saturday, 10:30-11:30 am | Room: Esplanade J

Ticket Info: $45

Camille 2000

In honor of Camille 2000 being named the 2019 Living Legend of the Year, she is reprising everyone’s favorite workshop on wild burlesque! Learn how Camille designs, choreographs, and costumes her numbers, and learn to bring out the passion in your own burlesque! As Camille showed when she mounted the stage at the Orleans in 2010, even the most elegant fan dance has more impact when you move with feline power and high energy. She will walk you through a few of her signature moves so you can feel the fire, and teach you about fierce attitude so you can develop your own signature moves.

Camille 2000 was known as the Girl for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, The Cosmic Queen of Burlesque. Early in her career, Camille did classic fan dances and prop work. However, since vintage-style burlesque was losing the audience to nude dancing and lap dancing, she used this style to build new audiences. She introduced Aggressive Art to Burlesque with her Tribute to Marquis de Sade, with an act she choreographed herself. Though at the time many said it was performance art rather than burlesque, Camille is proud to call it burlesque. Later, in the 1980s, Camille became a member of The Screen Actors Guild for playing a part playing opposite Iggy Pop as a dominatrix named Velvet. She still loves to bring the dominatrix to life onstage and has performed a full fetish number at BHoF. Many are calling her the Godmother of Neo-Burlesque!

Talk Time with Toni Elling

Saturday, 11:45 am-12:45 pm | Room: Esplanade J

Ticket Info: $45

Join us for an intimate conversation with Toni Elling, the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s Living Legend of the Year 2014. Throughout her storied career, Toni created and refined her persona and acts with individuality and flair. Join her for inspiration and advice on how to assert your place in the world of Burlesque. Through describing her process and responding to your questions, she’ll inspire you to create acts that fit your individuality and your goals.

 The elegant and classy Toni Elling is a burlesque icon who broke down many barriers as an African-American woman performing in the 1960s and 1970s. Resisting stereotypes and racism, Toni toured the world with her signature “Parade, Pose, and Peel” glamour. From Detroit to Tokyo, she broke barriers and delighted crowds – and she’s eager to pass on her tips to a new generation of performers.

Bump & Grind Boot Camp with Penny Starr Sr.

Saturday, 1:00-2:00 pm | Room: Esplanade J

Ticket Info: $45

Bumps & grinds are one of the defining moves of burlesque. Get ready to use your hips! Penny Starr Sr. will help you make yours as powerful as can be. Learn authentic vintage moves you can incorporate into your modern numbers. Get the goods from one of the best of 1950s burlesque! Wear easy-moving clothes and shoes that you would perform in, no rhinestones required.

Philadelphia burlesque legend and grandmother to LA burlesque dancer Penny Starr, Jr. Penny Starr, Sr. returns to the stage after 25 years. Penny began her striptease days by starting at the girl shows in the carnivals and coal regions of Pennsylvania, as a way to support her 2 children. As her star climbed she moved up to such clubs as the famed Philadelphia burlesque house The Trocadero, the Cotton Club in Florida and even did an impromptu chorus gal routine at the Latin Quarter when a dancer called in sick and the owner spotted her sitting in the club.

Penny Starr danced until 1972, often taking her granddaughter into the dressing rooms with her when she went on gigs. She quit dancing because as she put it “Who wants to compete with 20-year-olds?” (In a side note, Penny Jr. started dancing about the same age Penny Sr. quit.)

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