Lola Love Promoted to BurlyCon Executive Director

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On behalf of BurlyCon, the Board of Directors is proud to announce that Lola Love has been promoted to the role of Executive Director of BurlyCon. Lola brings almost ten years of event management, coordination and planning experience to this new role. For the past 5 years, Lola has served as the Director of Programming.  For the last year she has been trained and mentored as the Deputy Director while holding the Director of Programming position and also pursuing a degree in Non Profit Management.

Lola Love carries all of the attributes necessary to succeed as Executive Director including leadership skills, planning experience, management skills, budget and administration experience, and a powerful commitment to BurlyCon’s mission and values.

In Lola’s own words: “I fell in love with the organization my first year in attendance (2012). It has been an honor to serve the organization and to serve my community. I am thrilled to take on this new role and lead the organization in its second decade.”

During Lola’s tenure as the Director of Programming, she streamlined operations, trained and retained a fantastic team of volunteers, consistently built a diverse and thrilling program of courses and activities, and was the model of efficiency and timeliness.

While in training as the Deputy Director, Lola also conducted all of the Director of Programming duties, began her degree in Non Profit Management, and coordinated anti-oppression trainings for the Board and Directors.

She has earned the respect of the Board, her peers, and the entire committee as a thoughtful, organized, and pro-active leader.  She will have the support of returning Directors Ri Ri Syn Cyr (Development), Fosse Jack (HR), Vixen Valentine (Media), and Red Delicious (Operations) as she moves into her new role.  Her first duties will include the hiring of Director of Programming, and a Director of Events Fundraising.

All oversight of the daily work activities of the BurlyCon Organizing Committee will officially transfer to Lola Love on January 1, 2019.  Between now and then, Outgoing Executive Director Indigo Blue and Lola Love will work together to compete year-end close out and 2019 pre-planning. As of January 1, 2019, Indigo Blue will remain with BurlyCon as a volunteer member of the Board of Directors.


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