Stay Organized and Up-to-Date!


BurlyCon is almost here and we are SO FLIPPING EXCITED! There are several ways to stay in the know all weekend and here are a few tips that should help you keep sane and happy:

  • If you haven’t already be sure to download our BurlyCon app which can be found here:¬†BurlyCon App¬†. We’re always working on this and updating regularly, but if you have any questions feel free to ask a BurlyCon volunteer or post in our Message Board on Facebook to see if it’s already been solved/answered.
  • Speaking of our Message Board- it’s so chock full of information any questions you have have probably already been addressed. Answer a couple questions and you’ll be approved to join if you’re not already a member. We’ll be posting updates in there as well as the app. Plus it’s a great way to network with people, find roommates, buy/sell tickets for next year, and plan your weekend. Join our Facebook Message Board HERE.
  • Lastly, for all your general info you can always come here. To this website. We have, if you didn’t already notice, transitioned away from our BurlyCon.ORG site and moved all our weekender info to this site. The ORG site will still house all the fine details of our non-profit, policies, open jobs, and other events that BurlyCon may produce throughout the year. But for our annual ecdysiast event in Seattle this is the new home for those details.

Remember that technology can occasionally fail us and while we will make all efforts to keep things up-to-date, it’s good to stay alert to any sign changes at the various classrooms as well. If you’re traveling to the US and won’t have a data plan while here the BurlyCon app will work offline. Sign up for Hilton Honors and enjoy free wi-fi within the hotel area(not the convention) and open your app to get the latest schedule. Once you’re in the convention center it will still be working as you left it. Should a class be canceled or changed keep an eye out for signage changes.

Travel safe and BurlyCon will see you soon!

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