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As we go into our 11th year of BurlyCon, we have an ambitious goal of achieving 111 members!

There are a multitude of benefits in becoming a member of BurlyCon, and it isn’t just the good feelings. By being a member you are not only contributing to the the ongoing efforts of BurlyCon; some levels may also access early bird savings on registration, get first hand insights from the board, discounts on merch, and so much more! There a variety of ways you are able to contribute- at price points fit for a variety of budgets.

Watch our recent town hall, to learn directly from our leadership team about the values and importance of BurlyCon membership.

Individual membership levels range from $60-$240 annually, and can be set up as monthly recurring gifts directly from your checking account. For as low as $5 a month, you can support the world’s ONLY burlesque event that is wholly dedicated to burlesque education and professional development.

Are you a member of a troupe, or run a burlesque academy? We have troupe and school membership levels that extend benefits to your troupe or students – and set you apart from the pack as a member of an international community of burlesque educators. These can also be set up as monthly recurring payments that range from $30-$35 a month.

If you are someone that wants to make an even bigger impact and have an inside eye on the inner workings of BurlyCon – Benfactor Membership is the place for you. Benefactor members enjoy benefits such as FREE REGISTRATION TO BURLYCON, a special dinner with the board and invited presenters, free merch, newsletters from the board, and more. Benefactor membership is $600 annually, and can also be arranged as monthly deductions of $50.

Longtime Benefactor member, Scarlett Letter, shared her reasons as to the importance and value of being a BurlyCon member:
“Preservation of history
Exposure to traditions
Worldwide outreach
Expansion of knowledge
Inclusion of margins

Be the ultimate cheerleader and rally today to become a BurlyCon Member!

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