BurlyCon is once again participating in the Seattle Pride Parade on June 24th!

We’re so excited to welcome our fabulous Seattle friends and those coming in from all around the Pacific Northwest to celebrate!

Since the theme of BurlyCon 2018 is “Burlesque University: Gradus Autem Vexo: Proudly Unaccredited” (That’s Latin for Degrees of Tease) we’re styling the fabulous blue and gold float after a graduation celebration! Giant Mortar Board and Ridiculous Tassel? Check! So dress in your most sparkly graduating attire, whether that means finding your best goth kid look, cheerleading outfit, bookworm style, or eccentric lab coat and find a creative and stylish use for your tassels!


Want to volunteer?
There are volunteer opportunities to help with the float construction and decoration, to help with choreography or to be a designated “responsible adult” on the day of the parade. Contact Mandy (mandy.flame.burlesque@gmail.com) !

We will have a sound system on the float/tow truck playing a set list. One of the songs will have choreo (Spoiler Alert:: It’s “School Days” by Chuck Berry!). This song will come up about every 4th song. When this song plays, fall into dance formation and do the choreo. During the other songs, walk in loose formation, engage with the crowds, smile and wave!

BE PREPARED! The parade is LONG. Wear comfy shoes! (glue sparkles to your sneakers!) **Wear sunscreen!** Bring water and snacks! We will have some water on the float, but it’s best to also have your own!
A few simple safety rules for Marching:

• Think of this as a performance! Stay up with our group, but at the same time, take up a reasonable amount of space on the road so that our group looks like a parade not a cluster.!
* You may have a turn to hold one of the big BurlyCon or Seattle Burlesque Community banners!
• You must stay BEHIND the float and not go anywhere near the wheels of the float or tow truck.
• You may hand things to the crowd (flyers) but NOT throw anything, or force anyone to accept anything.

Celebrate with us, and be prepared to flaunt that tassel!

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