Announcing Our Guests of Honor!


Announcing Our Guests of Honor for BurlyCon XI!

Brandy Wilde, our Legend Guest of Honor, began her burlesque career in 1961 and worked the American circuit as a feature. In 1968 she headlined as the first burlesque act in Singaporean history. That year she became the first American headliner at the Crazy Horse Saloon in Paris and performed as “Candy Capitol, The Good Girl.” Representing the Crazy Horse, she performed the first striptease on German national television. She returned to the US in 1970 and danced at the Club Largo and the Pink Pussycat in LA.

One class you won’t want to miss is her Writing a Memoir workshop. She’ll discuss the process of writing her first book, her autobiography. She’ll read a few excerpts from her memoir and discuss her personal journey writing her most intimate moments for others to read. Hear all about her life as an international showgirl and her experience as an out and proud lesbian starting in the late 1950s. Plus you can pick up her book now on Amazon!

Seattle lowbrow artist and genre film preservationist Lisa Petrucci has been involved with the nostalgic mail order video company Something Weird Video since 1994. She has been researching and writing about sexploitation cinema for decades and is continuing to keep the legacy of her deceased husband, SWV founder Mike Vraney, alive and relevant in today’s home video market and theatrical film distribution outlets.

Lisa will be teaching: History of Classic Burly-Q & Sexploitation Cinema – During the 1940s through the 1960s, Burlesque houses and grindhouse theaters across America showed feature length films of live burlesque stage shows, starring some of the biggest names in Striptease: Tempest Storm, Lili St. Cyr, Dixie Evans, Jennie Lee, Patti Waggin, Bettie Page. Film clips, display of original Burlesque paper ephemera, and memorabilia will be shown!

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