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For the eleventh blockbuster year, the Burlesque Hall of Fame Finishing School offers rare, hands-on workshops with “Living Legends” of the art of Burlesque. Each of these instructors has her or his own unique perspective on the art, and shares directly from her or his own experience.


Thursday, May 31, 2018

WHERE: Bienville Room J

The Burlesque Hall of Fame Finishing School is excited to present our community classes for 2018! These classes are curated to assist in outreach to Legends, to promote burlesque history, and to aid in study and discussions regarding topics that are important to the burlesque community.


Connecting with Legends

INSTRUCTOR: Roundtable Members of the BHoF Legends Team

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

TICKET INFO: Pay what you can at the door/ Max number of people in class: 100

Learn how BHoF finds and connects with Burlesque Legends. The team of devoted fans who do this work will share their insights and experiences on researching, locating, connecting with and even booking Legends. These experts will also discuss the unique considerations, opportunities and logistics of having a Legend at your event. Panelists will also discuss logistics of producing classes with Legends. Everyone is welcome, and those who are interested in producing Legends Challenges are particularly encouraged to attend. This panel will consist of members of the BHoF Legends Team, some of whom have been working to help bring this annual reunion together since the Exotic World Museum was on a goat farm in the Mojave Desert. Come meet the team and discover how they help make this the largest reunion of Burlesque Legends in the world. No one turned away for lack of funds. Pre-registration is $10 to offset the cost of the room. You may pay more than $10 if you wish

*** No one turned away for lack of funds for the “Connecting with Legends” Panel. To cover the cost of the room we recommend $10+


Sex Workers Roundtable

INSTRUCTOR: Moderator: Jo Weldon

1:10PM – 2:10PM

TICKET INFO:Pay what you can at the door/ Max number of people in class: 100

Sex workers are at risk. Legislators are constantly working to regulate and abolish their livelihoods,  as SWs struggle with marginalization that endangers them socially and physically. Meanwhile, discussions about what constitutes a sex worker have become heated; any who self-identify are welcome here. This is a chance for sex workers to share their perspectives and experiences, and to connect with one another. All issues are up for discussion. Let’s destroy the patriarchy AND the whorearchy! The moderator will suggest topics, but all topics related to sex work are appropriate. Sex workers of every age, race, and gender are welcome, former or current, whether or in or out of the sex worker closet. Allies are welcome but sex worker voices have priority.  No one turned away for lack of funds. Pre-registration is $10 to offset the cost of the room. You may pay more than $10 if you wish, and allies may pay to support the attendance of a sex worker.


Performers of Color Caucus


Facilitated by Monday Blues & Ruthe Ordare


With input from last year’s attendees, this year BHOF is offering a caucus for people of color (POC).  The goal of the caucus is for POC in attendance at the weekender to become acquainted with each other. This is a meet n greet with no lectures or set topics.


FRIDAY, June 1, 2018 & SATURDAY, June 2, 2018

WHERE: Bienville Room J

Travels of a Foxx with Lola Foxx

Friday, 11am-noon

Room: Salon J

Ticket Info: $45

Class Description: Lola Foxx has been around the world and then some! This burlesque legend toured the US and the world.  Spend an hour with her as she talks about the agencies, performers, venues, and adventures of a 20th-century headliner. You may even pick up a few tips to improve your life as a traveling showgirl!

Lola Foxx started her career in the late 50s in Los Angeles, and kept at it till 1984. Her tassel twirling, including while doing backbends, made her a popular performer around the world! She’s traveled extensively as an entertainer and has graced the stage at BHoF as well. Her professional experience combined with her gregarious personality make for an insightful, engaging experience. She’s ready to answer your questions about what it was like, and how the those experiences can help current performers make the sometimes unglamourous realities of traveling to perform translate into magic on the stage.


Walk on the Wild Side with Camille 2000

Friday, 12:10pm – 1:10pm

Room: Salon J

Ticket Info: $45

Camille 2000 has always walked on the wild side of burlesque! She’s a fan of motorcycles, leather, and rock n roll, and she’s brought her passions into her stage presence. Spend an hour with her discussing how to be true to yourself even when you think you don’t fit in with the classic aesthetic, and how using what sets you apart can make you a better performer. You’ll even learn her signature move!

Camille 2000 was known as the Girl for Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, The Cosmic Queen of Burlesque. Early in her career, Camille did classic fan dances and prop work. However, since vintage-style burlesque was losing the audience to nude dancing and lap dancing, she used this style to build new audiences. She introduced Aggressive Art to Burlesque with her Tribute to Marquis de Sade, with an act she choreographed herself. Though at the time many said it was performance art rather than burlesque, Camille is proud to call it burlesque. Later, in the 1980s, Camille became a member of The Screen Actors Guild for playing a part playing opposite Iggy Pop as a dominatrix named Velvet. She still loves to bring the dominatrix to life onstage, and has performed a full fetish number at BHOF. Many are calling her the Godmother of Neo-Burlesque!


Burlesque Walks to Latin Music with Gina Bon Bon

Saturday, 11am-noon

Room: Salon J

Ticket Info: $45

Class Description: Burlesque Walks to Latin Music
Learn the art of the burlesque walk with Gina Bon Bon. Gina Bon Bon will use Latin music to help bring out your sultriest burlesque walk. Come ready to move in clothes you can move in and dance heels.

Born in Cuba, Gina Bon Bon began her career in burlesque in NYC in 1965, as a dancer in the chorus line of the Latin Fire All-Latin Revue. She has since worked clubs and theaters all over the U.S., Canada and Guam, including a co-starring role in Burlesque USAalongside legendary comedian Red Buttons and singer/dancer Robert Alda (Alan Alda‘s dad) and feature engagements with Minsky’s Follies, the Chicago Playboy Club, and Cabaret Las Vegas.

Throughout her career, Ms. Bon Bon has performed with Tempest Storm, April March, Bambi Jones, Chili Pepper, Honey West, Ez Ryder, Dusty Summers and Camille 2000, among other headlining entertainers and BHOF Weekend regulars. She has worked for such legendary agents as Al Baker Jr., Jess Mack, Dick Richards, and Ross Russell and been muse to renowned costumers including Hedy Jo Star and Bruno the Fantastic. An avid, talented painter, she is also member of the Screen Actors Guild, and can be seen in such films as Coming Homeand Fever Pitch.

Shimmy & Shake with Dusty Summers

Saturday, 12:10-1:10

Room: Salon J

Ticket Info: $45

Ticket Link: http://burlypod.com/bhoffs/

Dusty Summers is known for incorporating magic into her routines, including the magic of her spectacular shimmies and shakes. She’ll warm up your shoulders and knees and get you ready to rumble! She’ll guide you through techniques to make different parts of your body vibrate and bounce. She’ll show you muscle isolations and tricks to draw the audience’s eye wherever you like. You’ll discover how to isolate the shimmy to your chest, your derriere, and how to make your whole body quiver and quake.

An active dancer, magician and emcee, Arizona native Dusty Summers (“Las Vegas’ Only Nude Magician”) has appeared all over the United States and Canada throughout her over twenty-four years as an entertainer. She has worked with such legendary booking agents as Jess Mack, Roland Muse, Sol Goodman and Wayne Keller as well as owned, operated and performed in her own clubs in San Angelo and Arlington, Texas.

A Las Vegas resident, she recently retired from her job as a pit boss at Circus Circus Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, and is the author of three books: The Lady is a Stripper, How to be a Professional Stripperand The Golden G-Stringand previously wrote a column called “The Magical World of Burlesque” for the Vegas Visitor magazine.

Master those Tassels with Shawna, The Black Venus

Saturday, 1:20-2:20

Room: Salon J

Ticket Info: $45

Master those tassels in a Tassel Twirling workshop with Burlesque Legend, Shawna, “The Black Venus”. Learn the fundamentals of tassel twirling and more advanced techniques like twirling tassels while on your back. Please bring your own tassel pasties to practice with.  A limited quantity of loaner pasties may be available in class.

Shawna, known as the Black Venus, started out as a gogo dancer, and began doing burlesque in 1972. She performed throughout the US, spending eight years in Hawaii. She stopped performing n 1994. She’s worked with celebrities of burlesque and beyond, and she’s thrilled to be teaching at BHoF!


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