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If you keep up with our newsletter, you already know all about the seven sizzling featured presenters we’re bringing to you at this year’s BurlyCon.

We’ll be introducing all of the selected teachers and presenters for November’s convention, so check back on our blog for a behind the scenes look at the what’s to come!

If you’re not signed up for our newsletter, you should probably get on that, even so, these award-winning, globe-trotting professional pioneers of the tease are surely no stranger to you!

It’s with great pleasure that we introduce our 2018 Invited Presenters ~

Perle Noire

Perle Noire’s unique and dynamic style has earned her a spot on Dita Von Teese’s Strip Strip Hooray Tour and numerous awards from the Burlesque Hall of Fame Miss Exotic World Competition which include, Best Debut Performer (2008), 2nd Runner-Up Overall Performance (2009) and Most Dazzling Performer (2012). Perle was honored yet again by performing her signature moves at the prestigious, Sydney Opera House with the 5-star production, Velvet.  With a combination of glamour, seductive choreography, and stage presence, she is the most celebrated exotique woman in burlesque since Josephine Baker. She is, the Mahogany Queen of Burlesque!

Calamity Chang

 Calamity Chang is one of the busiest burlesque performer AND producer based in NYC with 2 longstanding weekly shows and 2 monthly shows; she also co-produces the world’s only NEW YORK ASIAN BURLESQUE SPECTACULAR with Jen Gapay.

Named by The Huffington Post as one of the “20 Burlesque Stars To Know”, Calamity has performed for numerous esteemed events such as Inked Magazine (Pinup Issue Release Party 2015), Design Industries Foundation for Fighting Aids NYC), and celebrities such as Brooke Shields and the cast of The Addams Family, Corey Miller of LA Ink, and guest starred in Moby’s metal band DiamondSnake (“Woman, Yea”). Calamity has also appeared in reality TV shows such as “Oddities” (Science Channel) and “My Big Redneck Vacation” (Country Music Television). You can also see her in the controversial NC-17 film of 2011 “Shame” by Steve McQueen starring Michael Fassbender as “Late Night Lover #1”.

Her burlesque style is a unique blend of exotic and traditional. Inspired by her Chinese heritage, Calamity is known for her mesmerizing 1920’s Old Shanghai-style acts reminiscent of a nostalgic era long gone. But this “Asian Sexsation” is also known for her powerful fetish acts in which she subverts traditional fetishized roles.

Within the US, Calamity performed in The Dallas Burlesque Festival, The New York Burlesque Festival, Colorado Burlesque Festival to name a few. She was chosen to perform in the “Best Debut” category at Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2012. She headlined the First Annual Empire Burlesque Festival in Ithaca, NY (2016), Edmonton Burlesque Festival (2016) and Montreal Burlesque Festival (2016).

Born in Taipei, Taiwan, Calamity grew up in Bolivia (Santa Cruz), Florida (Tampa), and various cities in Texas including Houston and Dallas. Though she has lived in NYC for 19 years and counting, she also considers Texas her home.

Coco Framboise

Oh, she’s a dish all right! From New York to Los Angeles, Amsterdam to Rome, Coco Framboise is one of the most captivating burlesque and cabaret performers on the international stage. This diminutive dynamo is known for her dynamic stage presence and larger-than-life, signature props. She takes audiences on a sensual thrill ride from the saucy to the surreal and sublime. She dazzles with classic glamour, and brings comedic surprise with a wink and a smile. Coco Framboise is living proof that great things come in small packages!

Coco’s performances have titillated audiences across North America, Europe, and Australia. She was invited to perform in Las Vegas at the 20th anniversary of the Burlesque Hall of Fame. She was one of eight artists from around the world hand-selected for the Queen of Burlesque title showcase in New Orleans. Coco has shared the stage with burlesque megastars, Immodesty Blaize and Catherine D’Lish, among others. And she was tickled to be the invited Canadian headliner for the Australian Burlesque Festival 2012 National Tour.


IZOHNNY is the dynamic performance duo of Isaiah Esquire & Johnny Nuriel. This statuesque pair of 6’5’’ ebony & ivory specimens deliver a jaw-dropping performance experience with an androgynous and gender fluid style that audiences swoon over.

Known as the, “Ebony and Ivory Glamazons of Burlesque”

Duo IZOHNNY exhibits an impressive and unique array of disciplines: Isaiah Esquire is a seasoned dancer/choreographer/creative director and internationally acclaimed entertainer. Known for his mastery of face, character, and intricate lip-sync, Isaiah is a bright star on the horizon. Johnny Nuriel illuminates the stage with a light all his own. His expansive arsenal of talents encompasses the circus arts (aerial/object manipulation/fire performance), burlesque, belly dance, and live-vocals. He is known for his ability to fuse these disciplines seamlessly. With their powers combined, Isaiah Esquire & Johnny Nuriel are, IZOHNNY.

Tito Bonito

Also known as the Cuban Missile Crisis, Tito Bonito is a bi-coastal & international, award-winning emcee, performer, & instructor. The year Tito moved to LA, was named one of Time Out LA’s Top Burlesque Performers in LA & also created a YouTube webshow called “Cuban Missile Series,” following his burlesque life. In recent years, he taught his Vogue 101 workshop at BurlyCon in 2015, was named one of LA Weekly’s People of 2016, & was “Most Comedic” at the 2017 Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

Blanche DeBris

Blanche DeBris has been entertaining herself and occasionally others for more years than she can reliably count. Reviews range from “Devastatingly adequate” to “Not as appealing as some others.”

“If America had a sweetheart, Blanche would be her well-meaning but less attractive best friend.”

She made her burlesque debut at the Moisture Festival in Seattle in 2008, and has returned repeatedly as a performer and co-host. Since 2012, she has been an emcee of the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender, the burlesque world’s premiere annual international event. As a performer, her signature Rubber Ducky act and her Sound of Music in Six Minutes have endeared her to audiences all over the world.

In 2015 she premiered her Holiday Show “The Blanche DeBris Emergency Xmas Broadcast” to rave reviews and packed houses, at the Onyx Theatre in Las Vegas. Blanche is also an instructor, having taught classes in emceeing and character/act development at BurlyCon and all over the country.

But most of all, Blanche strives to brighten the burlesque world with her boundless joy, enthusiasm, optimism, and bewilderment.

Gaea Lady

Gaea Lady is an enchantress by nature, a force that will make you feel the very earth move. Fusing her 25 years of dance training in forms from classical to modern – neo-vintage to the ethereal, Gaea cultivates an intentional style that is all her own.  Integrating dance, art, visuals, costuming, concept, fire, silk fabrics, temple dance, hoops, and deeply seated intention, her inspiring performances mesmerize and deeply touch. She seeks to share knowledge and empower others through her performances and teaching, forging connections and community.

Gaea was the winner of the Burlesque Hall of Fame’s “Best Debut” and “Most Classic” 2016 & performed at the 2017 “Icons & Allstars” show.  She graces festival stages such as Show Me (St. Louis), Envision (Costa Rica), Electric Forest (MI), Symbiosis (CA), Oregon Eclipse (OR), Burningman (NV), and Bhakti Fest (CA). In Chicago Gaea performs at Unbridled at Untitled, Kiss Kiss Cabaret, The Drifter, Pyrotechniq Fire Troupe & Vertical Sideshow.


Are you as excited as we are for BurlyConXI? Make sure you’re registered and ready to get to Seattle this fall so you can learn from these amazing artists!

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