Budgeting for BurlyCon



Savings Squirrel is back to help us budget and save!

This year we’re going to plan ahead, over-budget, and get to BurlyCon XI in 2018 together!

How much does this whole thing cost?

Getting to Seattle can add up- but there’s plenty of ways to save on your budget! One of your biggest expenses can be split among at least one other person- the hotel. Most people will split it among 4 people and simply share beds. But let’s assume you like to stretch out and will have your own bed. We’ll budget as if you’re flying all the way from the great East Coast of America. Food and drink can add up- but be strong, shop ahead, and don’t go overboard and you’ll be fine. Vendor Room? You’re investing in your career and future by attending BurlyCon.  And you’re also there to buy glittery and shiny stuff to show off on stage. So were going to budget in a small vendor allowance. The key to this budget is being realistic. You will spend money on awesome stuff. It’s ok.

Budget Breakdown:
Hotel 5 nights @ $124= $620 + taxes. But! We’re going to split this in two so $310+taxes
Airfare – Average flights from say, Nashville, in the fall are around $325 RT.
Food & Drink – Get groceries for your room and other provisions. $50 a day = $250
Vendor Room – $200
Misc – this will include Lyfts, fees, taxes, etc that add up in the end = $300
And of course- the TICKET! Register before Jan 31st and it’s only $150!
So our grand base total is $1535

Now you can always reduce this number in a few ways. Use miles to get your airfare. Volunteer for BurlyCon and save on your ticket or apply for a scholarship! Eat healthy, but cheap, with inexpensive meals from the grocery store rather than eating out. If you do eat out look around at local restaurants with budget friendly menus. Share your room with a few others. And of course talk to BurlyCon vets! Using our message board on Facebook there will be plenty of tips and tricks rolling in closer to the con. Never underestimate the creativity of the BurlyQ community to save some coin when it comes to getting somewhere important!

But if we stick with this as our grand total…

We’re going to need to save some coin. We have 10 months until the convention. That’s about $154  saved per month. Do you perform regularly? Put all that money towards your BurlyCon savings! Buy your ticket NOW– it will be more after Jan. 31st. Keep an eye on airfare and have alerts set up via Google Flights and other services. Book your hotel room and find a roomie to split the costs early. Set up a second savings account or keep cash stowed away so you’re not tempted to spend your BurlyCon savings. And remember- this is an investment so if you have a birthday coming up ask loved ones to donate to your BurlyCon fund!

Maintain a Budget Calendar
Use a variety of apps, Google Calendar, or good ol’ pen and paper to make a budget calendar. It should include your income each payday, total bills & living expenses being deducted, and then how much you’re able to put into savings that pay period. Once you have that tracked make notes of budgetary milestones- saving toward hotel costs, your flight, food, etc. This will give you goals and break down the grand total into easier to digest sums. Having a milestone of ‘By March I should have my hotel money saved up’ and ‘By August I should have everything except Misc Expenses saved’ can make it a lot easier to save and feel accomplished.


When you attend BurlyCon you’re investing in your career. This isn’t simply a fun weekend away- this is the only educational burlesque conference where you’ll grow, network, and revitalize your art. Master dance classes, production intensives, costuming & crafting workshops, and lectures with our living Legends- it’s all at BurlyCon. You won’t find any other event encompassing 4 days of our amazing community coming together to learn and excel at their craft.

Plus there’s also some fun parties every night.

Register today and start planning your trip to Seattle next November!


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